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Beauty girl 2 by V3nomRos3 Beauty girl 2 :iconv3nomros3:V3nomRos3 0 0 Beauty girl by V3nomRos3 Beauty girl :iconv3nomros3:V3nomRos3 1 0 Beauty by V3nomRos3 Beauty :iconv3nomros3:V3nomRos3 0 0
Quirky Girl
Surrounded by so much wisdom
Yet nobody wants to learn
They rather feed off of Toxic lies
Instead of following what there SOUL YEARNS!
Yes people who choose to be different, are better off than DRONES!
because when I see reality for what it is, I see SOULS BURN as they YEARN!
they think that is what will get them HAPPY, RATHER THAN standing up and WAKING UP!
They like to JUDGE the DIFFERENT, because they CHOOSE to be ALL DRONES!
I cant believe I'm being QUIRKY, for not being like someone else
But honestly I rather be the ODD ONE OUT, than following an EMPTY CROWD!
Because they don't realize that the media, is the FUTURE AND DAY BY DAY WE ARE CLONES!
Because to know all the wisdom is a SEA AND WE CHOOSE TO DROWN!
Instead of sharing our INTELLECT, we don't because we are so PROUD
Nobody likes REJECTION, nobody likes standing out,
because if we do than we are the odd ones out, but Its better than following crowds
:iconv3nomros3:V3nomRos3 1 0
Broken Church System
Why is the church system broken you ask?
Why don't people want to come here?
Why do people come, but don't stay?
Well you see its because most churches are fake
Trying to take your money, never understanding the pain you are feeling inside
They walk with heads so high, past the broken, and those words that arent spoken
doesn't impress anyone, because the lost come to find true love, the one that through Jesus should be engraved in us
You see, REAL PEOPLE know what REAL IS, a broken person can spot falseness and condemnation without you saying a thing
A lot of church members bring pain and misery, because in reality they are just big bullies, condemning the world
Why do the BROKEN choose to NOT COME AGAIN?
Well because those people get CONSTANTLY BROKEN AND CONDEMNED. Sometimes by there own friends and family
Don't you see, life for EVERYONE IS A MISERY.
You say you love God, yet you love to judge
You cant be like the world, and still love God, you either serve Jesus or you don't
Just b
:iconv3nomros3:V3nomRos3 13 37
Doll Face
You think I am a attractive?
that's why you can't control you're actions?
acting like a cynical fool, I'm sorry you're looking like a tool
because you're just like any man, a lust infected instrument
that only plays the game by numbers, but soon you will discover
that not all women are objects, so understand, you will respect
just because a girl is soft and sexy, doesn't mean shes a bottle of coke,nor Pepsi
you can't always have it you're way, you gotta learn to just stay,just like a dog
instead of following, you gotta learn to beg, because if you treat her like one
she will probably treat you worst instead, we aren't animals we are human beings
we have a soul, a purpose a being, so control you're perverted lust, you sick ol'dogs
because to get a great woman, you have to let her be able to trust
not to run away, from all you're stupid mistakes, that perverted dogs make
so if you're single, learn from you're mistakes,because dogs should stay in leaches
not run astray
:iconv3nomros3:V3nomRos3 7 2
I won't conform to you're EXPECTATIONS
you don't understand? do you need a TRANSLATION?
Being a CLONE makes me SICK to my stomach.
Why would I want to follow this WORLD, when it causes nothing but DESTRUCTION?
This WORLD SYSTEM is sick as HELL!
That's why I choose to BE DIFFERENT, I choose to REBEL!
I don't care what people have to SAY!
Because to be someone DIFFERENT it's NO MISTAKE!
To be like everyone else is, why would you want to be part of a SICKNESS?
In which makes a life so COMMON, when it could BE DIFFERENT?
Don't you know each one of us are on our own PERSONAL MISSION?
A mission for our SOULS ,to follow our HEARTS, GOD & our AMBITIONS
When you choose to be a CLONE you just tasted DEFEAT.
Why do you ask? because your EASY to be TRICKED out of who you were MADE TO BE!
To be a CLONE sounds LAME AS HELL, that's why one SHOULD always REBEL
we were meant to be MAJESTIC and FREE, so BREAK these CHAINS & RUN AWAY
From the ones that hold you down to EXPECTATIONS, and make you feel as
:iconv3nomros3:V3nomRos3 6 7
Heart Shatter
To love is to take a risk
to risk gaining, or to risk loosing
losing your pride, you're heart, & soul
since hearing rejection can go depths amongst souls
love is beautiful, but it is also contagious
to have a great love, one must be cautious, since love is dangerous.
Love can be painful and bring destruction that you'll discover.
then when you've done all you could ever do,
to try and win over that person you feel is perfect for you.
But somehow you're confused and don't know what to do,
somehow you want to receive all you put out in return to you,
and each tear, and day that goes by you're heart just yearns
To be cherished and loved by that person in return.
Love is painful, it burns like a dagger through you're heart.
When that person walks away, you're heart breaks apart.
Sometimes in life you just want to press restart,
and rewind the mistakes, that caused you're heart to break into parts.
In time you start to cry out for you're desires of wanting to hold,
the love that you don't e
:iconv3nomros3:V3nomRos3 11 7
Take that wrist and slit it through
its sometimes all people want to do
when the pain is real
and your soul just feels
every kind of pain that is revealed
from this cold world, from this cold place
but remember we all fall short of grace
so thank Jesus for the starting line
don't hide your face, we all have a race
so finish what you start don't try to erase
whats been done for you, what you right now feel
For there is goodness and hope for those who let go
of all there fears and finish the race, so run
No don't run away, run to grace, the one that Jesus gave
When he died on that cross, know hope isn't lost
If you cant feel, then scream out his name, he surely hears
So give in your fears, and lay your burdens down on the cross
Know that hope isn't lost, because he died for both you and me
so don't let go, there sure is hope
so cry out to the lord who surely hears, your loudest cries,
from deep inside your life
so put yourself together and wipe your eyes
because you are surely loved, kno
:iconv3nomros3:V3nomRos3 20 14
He is a Masterpiece, his words inspire me,
he gives me hope when there isn't any left,
No one on in this universe can ever love me like he does,
because he is the creator of the world,
and the greatest artist there is & was,
I will forever be his daughter,
he is such a protective, gentle, loving God
Jesus, You will forever be a masterpiece
in my life and in my heart
& I will continue loving your artwork
& you will forever be my inspiration
:iconv3nomros3:V3nomRos3 9 2
Heart Eater
My heart was devoured
by a strong force of power
it was left torn & broken
it didn't matter the
words that were spoken
it was in the depths of darkness and doom
when I felt an unbearable gloom
then suddenly this decaying heart
started to bloom
no not like a plant or a flower
but like a powerful strength that starts to devour
the pain & struggle that this heart had
so instead of it dying, it started to transform again
the light was shattering through the darkness
This shattered heart was a word that was forgotten
RESTORED was the word that took a toll in my life
I thank you LORD, my savior my Jesus Christ
for mending this devoured heart and hearing my cries
:iconv3nomros3:V3nomRos3 4 5
Soul Survivor
Why hold on to the world, when in the end you will loose your soul?
Instead of trying to live for ambitions,
why don't you open your eyes and see we are in a mission,
A mission to find GOD, and rest in him from our part,
Because in the end of the day,
if you conform to personal pleasure and luxury of this world,
and not a single care or repentance from your soul,
you arent living for GOD, You are living for the ruler of darkness in this world,
When you die, your soul goes to where it was conformed,
So why let it be eternally dead, when eternity is just the beginning? not this world
When you try to pleasure yourself, your killing your soul mission,
So why be exported from your soul journey, and instead follow your dark ambitions?
Why try to mend the pain that makes a hole?
Instead of embracing it and crying out to GOD for help? & knowing there is more
Why lock yourself down inside this life that is hell?
Because when you do that, you lock yourself inside a shell,
One that isn't always s
:iconv3nomros3:V3nomRos3 12 5
Why hold on to the world? by V3nomRos3 Why hold on to the world? :iconv3nomros3:V3nomRos3 5 0
Misunderstood creation
This world conforms to nonsense
but my soul cries out for common sense
I don't know why I'm so different
maybe because I'm an alien to this world
No not from mars, not even beyond the stars
but from a kingdom far far apart
a kingdom that is rejected by the world
therefor people will have judgement,
filled with rude discussions
because I stand apart,
But God knew that from the very start
The isolation is so distant,
it tries to tear down my mission
to save souls as they break apart,
but do you hear that sound? its the beating of my heart
no I'm not so different, even though it is from the very start
but you sometimes have to listen
instead of tearing souls apart
This world has nothing but pain and struggle
so fight on and tighten that belt buckle
& Prepare for the war
Because in reality this life is a battle for your soul
So on which side are you gonna go?
:iconv3nomros3:V3nomRos3 12 5
My heart is a sinking hole
Words just pass through my soul
But the light of the morning burns me with passion
It shines through my heart with such compassion
This unexplainable feeling goes deep to my soul
This light of the world is helping me grow
Like leaves in the winter it withers and dies
But Lord, You are a spring morning you rain in my life
The pain is so intense, that words cant even mend
But each tear grows a seed that you defend
With both passion & compassion growing inside of me
Your helping this soul grow as strong as a tree
Your love is unconditional, so Condition my soul
With your Patience & strength
Make patches in my heart that mend
This hole in my soul, Lord God I'll never let go!
:iconv3nomros3:V3nomRos3 12 12
Birds by V3nomRos3 Birds :iconv3nomros3:V3nomRos3 1 2




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